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Bulldog Fryers under manufacture Gallery

Bulldog Fryer Belts

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Bulldog fryer belts are all stainless steel and incorporate our own design heating elements which are fitted between the belts not underneath as on most fryers, this lowers the height of the oil which means less waste oil and saving electric bills.


Teflon Infeed belt

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Teflon Infeed belt being fitted to a fryer by our expert engineers.

All fryers can be fitted with Teflon Infeed belts, the Teflon is all made here in house so no long waiting times for spare parts.

Bulldog Drive Sprockets

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All our fryers are fitted with long life stainless drive sprockets, no ptfe plastic or bakerlite.

All shafts are made of stainless steel.

Bulldog Fryer Probes & Float Switches

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Bulldog fryer showing robust temperature probes and float switches. Easy to change if damage occurs All probes and level switches lift out for ease of cleaning.

Bulldog Fryer Elements

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Electric bulldog fryer elements are powered by solid state relays for longer life. All drive motors are variable speed by invertors.

Bulldog Electric Box

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Our fryer elements are fitted with the new style solid state relays for improved reliability  All the motors are run with individual invertors controlled by the touch screen for more uniform products each time you fry.  Fryers can be fitted with separate top and bottom belt drives giving better product separation on exiting the fryer

Bulldog Alarm System

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The control panel can be set with an active log, to enable the user see any problems incurred in the frying session

The fryers are fitted with a separate temperature probe so that the over temperature alarm will shut the machine off on failure of the temperature controller or the probe

Bulldog full colour graphic HMI touch screen control panel

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Panel shows exactly what’s going on in the fryer, including graphics of the Infeed belt, Teflon belt, Transport belt and Scraper belt

System can be internet enabled for quick trouble shooting without a site visit

Bulldog electric element control panel

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Each bank of elements can be simply switched off to use less power on lower oil levels, or if an element wears out it can be switched off without even opening the electric box enabling the fryer to continue in use until fitting a new one

Bulldog motor speed controls

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The speed controls on all belts and the circulation pump can be controlled exactly, every time you have a product change, giving you a uniform product on every fry

Bulldog circulation pump

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Our fryers are fitted with an oil circulation pump, this pumps the oil from the exit end back into a distribution manifold at the entry side giving even temperature throughout the fryer.

The circulation pump can also pump oil into a Bulldog filtration system before returning back into the fryer without the need for extra oil pumps

Bulldog Fryer Bath

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Bulldog fryer bath and canopy prior to being fitted with belts.

Bulldog fryer baths are made from strong 4mm thick certified stainless and have an industry leading 90mm thick insulation jacket thus saving more on energy costs.


Circulation pump in production

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Circulation pump in production.

This is one of the most robust pumps on any fryer in the industry.

Our managing director has over 30 years of food machinery experience and after numerous years of service our in house built pumps are extremely robust and reliable


Bulldog fryer under testing

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Bulldog fryer under testing before delivery to a customer in Ireland.

All our fryers go through rigorous testing before leaving our factory.


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