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Bulldog Spiral Freezers



Bulldog EM 400


  • Fully insulated box
  • 2 doors with full solid frames
  • 400mm s/s ashworth omnigrid belt
  • 18 tiers
  • Product gap to suit up to 80mm
  • All framework s/s
  • Full seamless fibreglass waterproof floor
  • Aluminium none slip 2nd floor
  • s/s ladder
  • s/s runners
  • 1000 grade high wear low friction wear strips
  • s/s control panel
  • With controls for evaporator and spiral
  • Volt free output to plant control

Safety alarms for:

  • Tier lift on all tiers
  • High tension
  • Low tension
  • Product height
  • Evaporator

Full UK backup for spares etc

Configuration can be in left or right with north/south, north/north etc

This unit can be picked up and delivered in one piece, so no dismantling and re erecting costs

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