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Grote 613 Slicer

Packing Line Combination

Packing Line Combination 2

Packing Line Combination 3

Wolfking Twin Shaft Mixer Grinder

Bulldog Frying Line Combination

ABM F2000 Burger Former

Sanitising Tunnel

Bag Sealer

200 Litres Holding Tank

GEA Koppens Crumb Feeder

Tray Washer

Single Depositor on Adjustable Stand

Single Depositor with Adjustable Stand & Tooling

ABM Burger Former

Bulldog Unigrind 120 Grinder

Tesla Metal Detector

GEA Koppens Multiforming Machine


200 Litres Tank

Lazy Sue Rotary Table

Dorit Injector

Bulldog B60 Bowl Cutter

K and G Bowl Cutter

Sandiacre TG400LDK Form Fill Seal Machine

MBP PFM Multihead Weigher With 14 Heads

Stainless Gantry for Multihead Weigher

Ishida Check Weighing Machine

Dorit Injector

Bulldog Vacuum Tumbler

Bulldog fully automatic 80 litre bowl cutter

Verbufa Ball and Burger Former

GEA Koppens VM 400 HSE Multiformer

Stainless Gantry for Multihead Weigher

Flighted Conveyor

Fortress Phantom Metal Detector

Deighton forming machine

Gainsborough Form Fill Seal Machine

Ishida Multihead weigher with 16 heads

Star Refrigeration Pack

Coat and fry fryer

Coat and Fry Tempura Batter Applicator

Stainless gantry for Multihead weigher

Bulldog Bowl Cutter

Bulldog Grinder

Bulldog nugget former

Ulma form fill seal machine

Multihead weigher 14 head

Bulldog fryer new and unused

Bulldog tempura batter applicator

Bulldog crumb applicator

CFS Wolfking twin shaft mixergrinder

GEA koppens spiral freezer

Sabroe refrigeration pack

Frigoscandia Midget Spiral Freezer

Bitzer Packaged Plant

Koppens 3000 600 Fryer

New 2022 Bulldog 200 Forming Coating Frying Line

CFS/GEA Spiral Freezer

Dorit Injector 25 Needles

Bulldog Spiral Freezer BSF 400 (New Machine)

Bulldog Batter Enrober (New Machine)

400mm Tempura Dipper

Bulldog Bowl Cutter 60 Litre 2021

Bulldog Unigrind 100 Mincer

V500P Vacuum Tumbler

GEA Wolfking Mincer

Bulldog Bowl Cutter 80 Litre 2016

Inline Tray Washer

Kliklok Certiwrap 150 Wrapping Machine

GEA Wolfking TSMG 400 160 Mixer

Grote 713 Slicer

Bulldog 60 Litre Bowl Chopper

Coat and Fry Fryer

Dorit 30 PSM Injector

Bulldog Fryer

Bulldog Spiral freezer

Meynn Fryer

Mixing Tank

Sandiacre TG400 Form Fill Seal

Bulldog Spiral Cooler

Blueprint Automation Packaging Machine

100 Litre Bowl Cutter

Coat and Fry Fryer

GEA Koppens 3000 600 Fryer

Vemag DM 206 Sausage Linker

Meyn Fryer Year 2014

Gasser Ball Forming Machine SOLD

GEA Koppens Easyformer

Grote 613 Slicer

Mono Oven SOLD

Risco 5001 Vacuum Filler

Syspal Tank Bottom

K & G Thermoformer

Arcall Glazer SOLD

Rhule SR2 Turbo Dicer SOLD

Witt Has Mixer

JBT Frigoscandia GC42 Spiral Freezer

Herbert Cyclone Top Labeller

1000 Litre Jacketed Tank

Bulldog 2000/400 fryer

Koppens Electric Fryer 3000/600

Intralox Conveyor

Crusader Mobile Tray Washer/Sanitiser

NSX 3.1 Jacob White Semi Automatic Cartoning Machine SOLD

Supervac inline vac packer

Loma IQ Metal Detector

Spiral freezer 400mm belt width

Koppens GEA 2000 300 Fryer

Vemag robot HP10 and Polyclip DFC 8162

Koppens 3000/600 electric fryer

200mm Enrober

Meyn 4500/600 Fryer

Koppens GEA 2000 400 Fryer

Koppens GEA 3000/600 Fryer

200mm Pre Duster

Koppens GEA Tempura Batter Applicator

Formax F19 Former

200 Fry Line  SOLD

Grote 613 VS Slicer

Ishida Weigh Head  SOLD

Bulldog 5000 600 Fryer  SOLD

Supervac GK402B in-line vacuum packer  SOLD

Sandiacre 320 Form Fill Seal Machine  SOLD

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