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Graselli Slicer


  • Slicing machine that cuts perfectly parallel slices with Grasselli multi-blade cutting system. Slices bone-in or boneless fresh meat (minimum thickness: boneless 3mm, bone-in 10mm). Also crust-frozen meat at -4/-5 degrees celsius is possible.
  • Slice speed, height of slicing chamber and product control pressure are all adjustable.
  • Extremely versatile machines with a variety of slicing options for different types of product.
  • Variety of blade profiles are available to maximise performance.
  • Automatic blade tension system.
  • Optional QUICK BLADE CHANGE system to change the complete cutting set in just minutes. (the automatic blade tension system is indispensable).
  • All major dynamic components are heat-treated to extend durability.
  • Modern design with seamless welding and radius edges to aid in efficient sanitation.
  • Frame made entirely of tested and certified stainless steel.
  • No tools required to prepare for sanitation or blade/slice set change.
  • With 3 cutting sets
  • Length 1,000 mm
  • Width 1,300 mm
  • Height 1,800 mm



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