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Jacob White TFS Cartoning Sealing Machine


  • The Jacob White T F S carton sealing machine is specifically designed and built for the smaller production run operations.
  • The operator will erect the carton by hand, the product is then placed/loaded into the open carton, and both minor flaps and the bottom flap on each end of the carton are folded closed.
  • With both top flaps open it is then placed into the continuously moving flighted chains.
  • These will transport the loaded carton along and through the machine, the top flaps will pass over the hot melt glue applicators , these units apply a 6mm wide line of glue on the underside of the top flaps which are then automatically brought down on to the bottom flaps to ensure a closed and sealed carton.
  • The cartons are automatically discharged from the machine
  • Heavy duty machine frame with Interlocking guards, designed for three shift operation
  • Speed output variable, subject to size and board quality
  • Large carton size range adjustable in less than 5 minutes without any change parts
  • Stainless Steel shafts and guides
  • Hot melt glue applicators fitted with preset temperature controls
  • Built in the UK to CE Requirements
  • Output: Variable dependent on carton and product.
  • Carton closure: Hot melt adhesive.

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